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Freedom Leaf Health is a clean healthcare company with a family of trusted brands that deliver premium hemp CBD health products for greater health, wellness, and longevity. As a clean healthcare company, we put your health first. Our plant-based care products are made with premium hemp CBD, non-intoxicating, legal botanical compounds from hemp plants that have been cultivated and farmed exclusively for health purposes. Emerging studies indicate that CBD is associated with remarkable therapeutic properties (1). Our CBD comes from organic hemp plants that are non-GMO and grown without herbicides, pesticides or dangerous chemicals. We cleanly process the hemp to extract the full spectrum of therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for use in our products. You will find no safer, higher quality or more effective hemp CBD health products on the market today. Pure clean health. No high. No known side effects. No addiction risks.

1. World Health Organization, Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. (2017). CANNABIDIOL (CBD) Pre-Review Report (Agenda Item 5.2). Geneva: WHO.

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The Green Lotus Hemp mission is to cultivate natural & organic hemp products that provide a full spectrum of remedies for life. Green Lotus™ Hemp is a premium hemp oil products brand founded by Texas-natives in 2016.

Our brand of consumer health products and the emerging plant-based care brand of choice. IrieCBD offers a diverse line of premium hemp CBD health products in liquids, capsules, and creams.

Premium Hemp CBD for Your Health Needs.
All Health. No High.

We exist to establish clean health as a new standard in care. Our plant-based health products use 100% premium hemp CBD as the core, and are based on the science behind CBD. In a toxic world dominated by chemical care, our plant-based care products feature the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plant, which have been reported to achieve remarkable outcomes across a diverse range of conditions (1).

Hemp CBD products are now legal in the U.S. and available in health food stores, supermarkets, mass retailers, pharmacies, convenience stores and online. Nationwide sales are expected to soar to an astonishing $22 billion by 2022 as the U.S. population reaches for clean health CBD solutions. Despite the absence of laboratory science and clinical studies, the real-world experiences and anecdotes shared by patients and health professionals worldwide are driving a massive grassroots consumer revolution, making clean health into a viable care option.

Today, Freedom Leaf Health carries two brands which together sell over 20 premium hemp CBD health products for consumers, caregivers, healthcare practitioners and pet owners. As a leader in clean health, we are continually innovating to develop ever better hemp CBD health products to improve more lives with plant-based care.

1. World Health Organization, Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. (2017). CANNABIDIOL (CBD) Pre-Review Report (Agenda Item 5.2). Geneva: WHO.

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